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How to Get Sponsorship for Your Sports Team
For most sporting clubs, sponsorship is essential for providing the team with additional resources and opportunities. This could be anything from sporting equipment to funds for the club to promote themselves in...
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How to Build Team Spirit and Create a Positive Club Culture
A positive team culture is essential to the success of any sporting club. Culture in a team refers to the behaviours and attitudes which the club accepts as the norm, and can...
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How to look after your trophy
You may be given a trophy for a variety of reasons. It could be for an outstanding sporting achievement, recognition in the workplace, or an award at a competitive event. A trophy...
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Do Kids Really Need Trophies – The Importance of Trophies in Kids Sports
Parents seem to be torn when it comes to the question of whether all kids who play sport should receive a trophy or not. Yes, they may deserve a big gold trophy...
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